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Wildwood, New Jersey is unique. From childhood with my family to weekend trips with friends from NYC, the city has always drawn me back. Beginning in the 1990s we started making photo excursions a part of our vacations to document the evolving city. The Sign of Summer photos are the result of eight years of walking down side streets, on the boardwalk, or beachside. Taken between 1992 and 1999, on 35mm slide film, with a Nikon F3 camera, and unearthed after sitting in storage for over a decade, they were finally scanned to jpg images in January 2018.

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A little about Wildwood. Wildwood is a city at the bottom of New Jersey, below Stone Harbor, just above Cape May and the Delaware Bay. In a state lined with amazing beaches, Wildwood’s five miles can stretch up to a quarter-mile from the boardwalk to the ocean. It is the longest beach of New Jersey’s 125-mile stretch. It also has the biggest boardwalk—built up in the fifties and made accessible with the completion of the Garden State Parkway. Wildwood was started with family bungalows, small stores, and locally run restaurants interspersed with doo-wop-styled motels. Many of those motels, along with a new revival are still there today.

Thank you to Robert Scully, curator of the Wilwood Historical Society, for granting me access to their archives in 2002. You can find out more about Wildwood and how they are helping to preserve its history at their website wildwoodhistoricalmuseum.com.

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– Steve Weir

Photo: Sylvia Weir, 1999

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